Waking up like this...


Sunny beach, italian wine and a fresh sea breeze... - Perfect holidays.

You always wanted to sit in the first row? That's how we felt. With CasaVia11 a long dream came true for us. The first time we sat on the terrace with our family in spring and looked at the sea, we could hardly believe it. The ocean just a few meters away? The long sandy beach right at the house? A glass of wine, kind neighbors, almost too perfect... Holidays in Mallorca? What for? There is Sicily!!



A small staircase leads to the first apartment of the Casa. It is about 60 square meters, 1 bedroom in the north, 1 bedroom in the south (directly on the terrace viewing the ocean) and in the middle a kitchen with gas stove and fridge. The apartment is air conditioned. Experiencing the Sicilian lifestyle takes a while. You have to let it in. The baker, Panettiere is just 5 minutes around the corner. But before that take a look at the small market corner Macelleria. Angelica has something for you, from breakfast sides to a few cornettos. Do not forget! While passing by, grab another fresh melon from Paolo. Depending on the season, lemons and fresh vegetables are also available, in the small garden right behind the house.


Looking towards the sea, the sunrise is included. There are 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and terrace. In front you have the wide sandy beach, almost no human soul and a bar for the evening cocktail! The children on the beach always in view, ideal for snorkeling and relaxing. In the garden there is an outdoor shower.

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What to see in Triscina

Close by the CasaVia11 is the "beach of the gods", a long pristine sandy beach, which borders Selinunte. The temple complex with a thousand-year history, which fascinates again and again. In the picture left Selinunte, right on the horizon the village Triscina with our beach house. To experience the largest Mediterranean island, takes time. Old towns, countless wineries, sandy beaches, volcanoes, boat tours, dive trips, kite adventures, snorkeling, or just like most Italians do, bathing (standing in the water and talking on their phones).

Tip! Palermo - Mercato della Vucciria Source: DuMont Sizilien Photo: Sabine Lubenow

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You can find flights under www.ryanair.com from Nürnberg to Palermo starting at 50€ up to 250€.

You will find rental cars under www.cardelmar.com, which you can pick up right from the airport, starting at 50€ a week.